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All Locations Offer Specialized Testing To Evaluate Speech Understanding In Background Noise.

Hearing Wellness

A hearing screening is a pass-or-fail test that checks only four frequencies; if you pass this screening then we recommend that you follow up in one year. If you fail this screening then we recommend a complete audiological evaluation that will determine the degree and type of hearing loss that is present.

Hearing Aid Services

At Ear Works Audiology, We Understand That When You Hear Better, You Live Better. That’s Why We Provide Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations And Work With You To Find The Best Hearing Aid For Your Needs. We Don’t Just Sell Hearing Aids; We Provide Solutions To Help You Hear Well And Maintain Healthy Hearing.

Hearing Aid Care & Maintenance

Hearing aids are an investment in your overall health and it is very important to maintain the investment that you make in your hearing health by proper cleaning and maintenance of your devices. Proper hearing aid maintenance and care will protect and ensure continued good hearing.

Tinnitus Care

Tinnitus, Commonly Known As, “Ringing In The Ears,” Affects Millions Of Americans. Tinnitus Is Described As Hearing A Ringing, Buzzing, Humming, Whistling, Or Whooshing Sound In Your Ears When No External Sound Is Present. Tinnitus Can Be Mild Or Severe, Soft Or Loud, Intermittent Or Constant.

Cognivue Screening

A five-minute, self-administered test that evaluates three cognitive functions: memory, visuospatial, and executive function as well as reaction time and speed processing. This screening is a major step toward identifying cognitive decline caused by depression, anxiety, and hearing loss.

Real Ear Verification

Real Ear Verification Is The Measurement Of Sound Pressure Levels In Your Ear Canal That Is Developed When Wearing A Hearing Aid. Our Hearing Specialists Use Real Ear Verification To Ensure Your Hearing Aids Are Providing You With The Proper Amplification To Hear In Different Environments.

Remote Care

Ear Works Audiology Is Excited To Be Able To Offer Remote Health Services Options For Our Hearing Aid Patients! During This Time, We Know Many Patients May Need Some Adjustments Or Assistance With Their Hearing Devices But Cannot Be Seen In One Of Our 11 Offices For Follow Up Care.

Hearing Protection

Exposure To Loud Sounds Is One Of The Most Common Causes Of Hearing Loss. It Is Crucial To Protect Your Ears When You Cannot Avoid Loud Noises. Our Hearing Specialists Can Create Custom-Fit Hearing Protection. We Can Create Earplugs, Earmolds, And In-Ear Monitors.


At Ear Works Audiology we are dedicated to helping people manage their hearing loss through proven solutions using best practices in audiology. From diagnostic hearing testing to the knowledge of the latest hearing technology, our team can help you with all of your hearing needs.

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