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Exposure to loud sounds is one of the most common causes of hearing loss in individuals of all ages. It is crucial to protect your ears when you cannot avoid loud noises. At Ear Works Audiology, our hearing specialists can create custom-fit hearing protection to keep your ears safe from loud sounds. We can create earplugs, earmolds, and in-ear monitors for the ultimate hearing protection.

Ear Works Audiology can make custom hearing protectors that are a great addition to any hearing conservation program. When workers have earplugs that have a comfortable fit, are personalized and easy to use, they are motivated to protect their hearing, on and off the job. Using a digital laboratory manufacturing process, each hearing protector individually to provide a superior fit. With a variety of colors, materials and NRRs offered, there are custom earplug options that are ideal for every application. With years of use and zero waste compared to daily disposable earplugs, we have a solution to fit you industry and occupational requirements.

Hearing protection is best when it’s customized to you. Custom earplugs and ear molds are made from impressions of your ear canal and concha (the outer bowl-shaped portion of your ear). They adhere perfectly to the contours of your ears providing a superior fit and protection. In addition to being used as earplugs, ear molds can be used in a variety of ways including with your headphones, stethoscopes and earpieces. Doctors, nurses, pilots, news reporters, musicians, swimmers, race car drivers, gun enthusiasts, concertgoers and construction workers are just some of the individuals who can benefit from custom molds.


At Ear Works Audiology we are dedicated to helping people manage their hearing loss through proven solutions using best practices in audiology. From diagnostic hearing testing to the knowledge of the latest hearing technology, our team can help you with all of your hearing needs.

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