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Hearing Repairs

More than 75% of all hearing aid repairs are due to moisture and earwax accumulation. Proper hearing aid maintenance and care will protect your investment and ensure continued good hearing.

  • Avoid Getting Instrument Wet
  • Keep Your Hearing Aid Away From Heat And Moisture
  • Replace Dead Batteries Immediately
  • Do Not Use Hair Spray Or Other Hair Products While Wearing Hearing Aids
  • Keep Devices In A Safe Place Away From Children And Pets
  • Turn Off Hearing Aids When Not In Use
  • Use A Dri-aid Kit Every Night To Reduce Moisture
  • Clean Hearing Aids As Instructed
  • Practice Proper Placement Of Device Or Earmold (BTE) In The Ear
  • Wipe Off Hearing Aid With Dry Cloth
  • Test Battery
  • Check Earmold Opening, Microphone And Vent Area For Wax
  • Store Hearing Aid In A Dry, Cool Place At Night
  • Replace Tubing As Needed (BTE)
  • Change Battery
  • Replace Earmold As Needed (BTE)

With every new hearing aid purchase every patient receives a complimentary hearing aid cleaning kit. At Ear Works Audiology, we believe that hearing aids are an investment in your overall health and it is very important to maintain the investment that you make in your hearing health by proper cleaning and maintenance of your devices.


At Ear Works Audiology we are dedicated to helping people manage their hearing loss through proven solutions using best practices in audiology. From diagnostic hearing testing to the knowledge of the latest hearing technology, our team can help you with all of your hearing needs.

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