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Cognivue screening is a five-minute, self-administered test that evaluates three cognitive functions: memory, visuospatial, and executive function as well as reaction time and speed processing. This screening is a major step toward identifying cognitive decline caused by depression, anxiety, and hearing loss. To learn more about Cognivue, please contact us.


Hearing ability is the number one modifiable risk factor for cognitive decline. People with untreated hearing loss experience a 30%-40% greater decline in cognitive abilities and an increased risk of developing dementia. Because your hearing ability is so deeply connected to your brain health, we offer Cognivue screening.

How audiology plays a key role in detecting early cognitive decline.

  • The slow onset of hearing loss can have a significant impact on several key brain functions, including the memory, hearing, speech and language portions of cognition.
  • Hearing impairment is a greater risk factor for cognitive decline and dementia than other individual mid-life risks. The proactive management of modifiable risk factors such as hearing loss may delay or slow the onset or progression of the disease.
  • Several recent studies have shown that the use of hearing aids or other rehabilitation services for hearing loss, may slow down the rapid progression of cognitive decline.
  • Cognitive screening aligns with auditory performance to help hearing professionals differentiate their practice and reinforce the use of hearing aids. This may reduce the progression of cognitive decline.
  • Cognivue allows our Audiologists to deliver world-class patient care and service by developing and setting industry best practices with innovation and inter-professional collaboration.
  • By screening for auditory issues such as high frequency loss, our Audiologists can encourage the early detection of cognitive decline and potentially slow its progression.
  • It is a logical extension to include cognitive screening as part of the overall testing protocol given its association with hearing loss.

Cognivue is patient-centric and science-driven. It is based on FDA-Cleared adaptive psychophysics technology and over 15 years of research focusing on the early detection of cognitive impairment. The technology is devised in a way that uniquely calibrates each individual’s motor and visual abilities and continuously adapts to the patient’s performance providing a customized test specifically for each patient.

The technology of psychophysics is the basis for our software algorithm. It quantitatively investigates how much of a stimulus we can detect and how we detect differences between stimuli in the environment using our sensory systems. It allows patients to identify and differentiate the correct stimulus from other incorrect stimuli and uses these responses to dynamically change the test to determine the patient’s thresholds (best achievable score) or failure point.

Cognivue’s adaptive technology is protected by over 17 patents. It promotes consistency as each device is uniformly calibrated, so the clinician can compare scores regardless of the location the patient took the test, eliminating human subjectivity/inaccuracy.


At Ear Works Audiology we are dedicated to helping people manage their hearing loss through proven solutions using best practices in audiology. From diagnostic hearing testing to the knowledge of the latest hearing technology, our team can help you with all of your hearing needs.

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