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Hearing Loss Linked to COVID-19


Hearing Loss Linked to COVID-19       Are You Experiencing Sudden Hearing Loss Linked to COVID-19? Check you hearing with our online hearing test at: https://bit.ly/hearing_test October 16, 2020 --

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Hearing Aids For Veterans


Hearing Aids For Veterans       WE CARE ABOUT OUR VETERANS & THEIR HEARING. Hearing Aids For Veterans are available if you’re diagnosed with hearing loss, your VHA benefits include

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Benefits of Hearing Aids


Benefits of Hearing Aids What are the benefits of Hearing Aids? Hearing aids relieve the strain of hearing. With the newer digital technology available, hearing aids also offer more clarity

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Gift of Hearing


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For a chance to win FREE Hearing Aids

In honor of the giving season, we are giving away 4 pairs of hearing aids to someone in need in the Long Island community.

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