Disadvantages Of OTC )Over The Counter) Hearing Aids.

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Over the Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids- Long Island Audiologist

There’s a new trend cropping up where people want to buy hearing aids over the counter and new regulations and guideline coming from the FDA are making this possible in the very near future. While this may seem like an easier way to get the hearing aids and devices you need, over the counter hearing aids may not meet your specific needs, last as long as prescribed devices, and don’t require a hearing test beforehand—an essential part of hearing loss treatment. With Mission Hearing Aid Center, you don’t have to compromise your comfort or treatment to save a few bucks. We make it easy and affordable to get the hearing aids and audiology care you deserve.


Disadvantages of OTC Hearing Aids

Over the counter hearing aids come with many disadvantages, including:

  • Lack of a proper diagnosis, meaning you may not get the right kind of hearing aids for your situation
  • No visit to a hearing specialist, audiologist, or doctor, which could lead to serious conditions, such as external ear infections, impacted cerumen (wax) and life-threatening medical issues such as acoustic neuroma, not being properly diagnosed
  • Cheaper materials and products because you might not be sure where OTC hearing aids are coming from
  • Not always having a place to go to if you experience issues with your hearing aids
  • Dealing with corporations who only care about money and not your well-being

Your best bet is going to a place where you’ll receive a hearing test and proper diagnosis from Ear Works Audiology. Get connected with Long Island’s Best Network of Audiologists that careened gain access to a wide range of hearing aids and hearing solutions that work and are safe. We offer all this and more at Ear Works Audiology.

Why You Should See a Hearing Specialist

On of our certified Audiologists ay any of our 10 Long Island Nassau and Suffolk County centers will be able to perform a comprehensive, diagnostic hearing evaluation, which will help you get to the bottom of your hearing loss, prescribe the right kind of hearing aid for you, and refer you to a doctor should they find something wrong. When you get over the counter hearing aids, you bypass seeing a licensed professional and/or doctor. And while this may seem like the easiest and less-expensive route to take, you could be leaving serious issues undiagnosed, resulting in costlier and more time-consuming treatments in the future.