Adjusting to hearing devices for the first time can be overwhelming. There is a lot of information given at your dispensing appointment and things can get confusing. First of all, remember to give yourself time to adjust. It takes time to get used to hearing all of the sounds around you.  Sounds around your home may seem loud but the brain requires time to become acclimated. Try to wear the devices every day for as long as possible each day.

The longer you wear them, the faster thing become more comfortable for you.  Sometimes, it is a good idea to keep a hearing journal where you can write down your experiences and any questions to bring back to your audiologist. This will help your follow up appointment go smoothly. Keep in mind your realistic goals. Hearing devices will not allow you to have supersonic hearing or hear through walls. 

Most importantly, be patient. This is a process that you and your audiologist will navigate together.