Hearing devices are now easier than ever before! Hearing aid technology is changing and improving continuously but the technology behind powering those small and life-changing devices has stayed the same. Now, recent technology has made the power source for hearing devices easier than ever with the option of rechargeable batteries.

What does rechargeable batteries mean for hearing aid users? Hearing devices can now help more people who have been deterred in the past due to the following reasons:

Dexterity issues– Users that cannot feel their fingertips due to numbness and those that have trouble handling tiny batteries no longer have to worry. They can simply place the hearing devices in a charger over-night and they are ready for use the next morning.

Visual difficulties– Users who have trouble inserting the batteries in properly can feel at ease knowing their hearing devices are set up properly and ready for use.

Environmentally conscious– All batteries should typically be recycled. However, many users throw away the 1 or 2 small batteries they use weekly. Users who want to reduce the number of batteries that appear in landfills now have an option that is more beneficial for the environment.

Inconvenience– Some users have found changing the batteries on a weekly basis and having to purchase or pick up a new supply from their audiologist and inconvenience. Just as people plug in their cell phones and other electronic devices at night, they can now plug in and charge their hearing devices.

In summary, rechargeable hearing devices are convenient, easy to use, and environmentally friendly. Call any of our ten office locations to schedule an appointment to speak with an audiologist about how rechargeable hearing devices may be right for you!