Q. What exactly is Bluetooth?
A. Bluetooth technology has been around for years, you may have seen it with Bluetooth headsets for cell phones or for hands free calls in your car. When it comes to hearing devices, Bluetooth technology allows the patient to wirelessly listen or “stream” phone calls, music, video, podcasts, audiobooks or any other audio source directly from their cellphone, tablet or computer directly to their hearing devices. It is available from most hearing device manufacturers for apple and android products. Your hearing devices don’t only help you to hear better, they are like wireless headphones too!

Q. Why are Bluetooth hearing devices better?
A. These new devices allow the patient to have a direct connection to their cell phone, table or computer, remote microphones, TV adapters and other media. You are able to adjust the volume of the streaming audio to your liking. No more arguments over the TV volume or using speakerphone!

Q. Is battery life different?
A. With rechargeable options from most manufacturers, you can get a full day’s worth of battery with your Bluetooth devices.

Q. Are Bluetooth devices bigger?
A. Not usually. Technology has come a long way and even some in-the-ear style devices have the ability to stream.

Q. If my devices are Bluetooth compatible, do I need to use the technology?
A. No, even if you are not tech savvy, these devices are still fantastic hearing devices and will help provide you with better speech understanding. They will still work well without the Bluetooth functionality activated.

Do you have more questions on why Bluetooth devices are a good option? Contact one of our office today!