Experience Quality Sound with Hearing Aids from Oticon


Oticon Opn, a new kind of hearing instrument

With hearing aids from Oticon, our clients are able to hear speech clearly, even in environments with excessive noise or multiple speakers. The award-winning OPN hearing aid by Oticon analyzes the user’s environment 100 times per second and balances every sound individually to provide a spectacular “open-sound” experience. Speech sounds come through naturally and clear, and background sounds are audible but not disturbing.  

The highlights of Oticon Opn

The difference between being in or out of life


Exciting new research reveals that as long as at least 50% of a conversation can be understood (the tipping point), participation in complex listening environments is possible, even if more effort is required. Research also shows that OpenSound Navigator™ shifts the tipping point in complex environments which enables users to reclaim situations once lost. What’s more, speech understanding is increased from 20% to 75% in noisy enviornments* helping to bring users back into the conversation.

OpenSound Navigator technology in Opn improves speech understanding and shifts the tipping point between isolation and participation, bringing users back into the conversation.

* Le Goff and Beck 2017, Oticon Whitepaper

Extremely fast and precise technology provides users with more accurate information about their 360° soundscape, even in difficult listening environments. This open sound experience gives access to multiple speakers and allows the user to decide what to focus on.

Two groundbreaking features — OpenSound Navigator™ and Spatial Sound™ LX — work together to deliver the open sound experience.

This new open sound paradigm is enabled by the groundbreaking Velox platform. With 50 times faster sound processing* and market-leading 64 frequency channel resolution, the tiny chip is a technological powerhouse.

20/20/30 — BrainHearing benefits in noisy environments make it easier on the brain: 20% less listening effort, 20% more capacity to remember, 30% better speech understanding.**

Now proven. Even in easy listening situations, Oticon Opn can reduce noise to significantly decrease listening effort. This is possible because of the speed and precision of OpenSound Navigator.***

TwinLink™ wireless technology delivers the best possible audiological performance and 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity for the highest sound quality with very low power consumption.

World’s first Internet-connected hearing aid connects directly to the Internet via the IFTTT network, giving users the ability to connect to a wide range of Bluetooth® and “smart home” devices that make everyday life easier.

* Compared to Inium Sense.
** Le Goff et al. 2016, Opn Clinical Evidence, White Paper, Oticon, Inc.
*** Lunner, Wendt and Hietkamp 2016, “Effect of noise and noise reduction on listening effort in hearing-impaired listeners”, IHCON 2016

Opn Connectivity

Direct Bluetooth connectivity turns your OPN hearing aids into a discreet, wireless headset for your phone or other device. The Oticon ON App makes it easy for Oticon Opn hearing aid users to have additional control of their hearing aids with just a touch of their fingertips. iPhone or the Android smartphone is connected directly to the hearing aids using Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth SMART. The ON App allows users to adjust volume levels of both gain and tinnitus relief sounds, as well as switching between programs, settings and more. The app also offers a “find my hearing aid” search feature, a client information and education guide, links to hearing aid instructions and low battery notification Stream your phone conversations, music, audiobooks, and just about any media directly from your device into your hearing aids. Control your hearing aids via a free app on your iPhone.   In addition to the ON app, the Opn line of products includes several outside devices to make life easier.

TV Adapter 3.0

The TV Adapter 3.0 wirelessly transmits real-time stereo audio from a TV or home entertainment system directly to Oticon Opn hearing aids at a distance of up to 15 meters. Users can set the volume to their preferred level for a listening experience free from the distraction of surrounding noise.    

Remote Control 3.0

The Remote Control, roughly the size of a modern car key, gives users discreet control over Oticon Opn hearing aids. Users can easily adjust volume, switch between programs or control connectivity sources. Simple and easy to use, the Remote Control is especially beneficial for users with dexterity challenges.


ConnectClip is used with mobile phones and other audio devices not supporting direct wireless connectivity (or streaming) to the hearing aids. The hearing aids function as a wireless headset and the user’s conversation is picked up by the ConnectClip’s built-in directional microphones. Audio from the mobile phone streams to ConnectClip using standard Bluetooth technology. The audio is then streamed directly to the user’s hearing aids using 2.4 GHz technology. ConnectClip works with almost any mobile phone produced since 2010.

Opn Is Rechargeable!


Oticon OPN hearing aids are now available with a rechargeable option! Charge the hearing aids overnight for full day use without worrying about having to change your battery. In addition, OPN model hearing aids also offer tinnitus sound support. Users can choose from a variety of soothing sounds to help reduce the perception of tinnitus. 

Enjoy the sound quality of Opn, and the extra benefits of rechargeability. Available for all Opn miniRITE devices. Turn any Opn miniRITE hearing device into a rechargeable solution with the new ZPower battery door.

Convenient and easy to use

There is no need to replace batteries

Charge the instruments overnight for a full day’s use


Alta2’s next-generation BrainHearing™ technology gives your brain what it needs to make sense of sound by providing our most natural, effortless listening experience ever. If you suffer from tinnitus along with hearing loss, Alta2 Pro Ti includes Oticon’s exclusive new Tinnitus SoundSupport™ feature that provides tinnitus relief sounds that can be used as part of a tinnitus treatment plan.

ConnectLine And Streamer Pro

Even if you don’t have Opn devices, you can still be connected. Your phone calls, favorite music, mobile and computer video chats, podcasts, TV, live performances and presentations can be streamed into your hearing devices via the Streamer Pro. And it can be controlled with your iPhone with our free Connectline App for iPhone. ConnectLine is designed to connect millions of hearing device wearers with the world of entertainment, information and ideas. Best of all, ConnectLine works with every style of Oticon wireless hearing device at every price point. This includes all of our custom In-the-Ear styles as well as our Receiver-In-The-Ear models. So whether you’re already an Oticon hearing device wearer, or purchasing for the first time, ConnectLine can connect you with ease.