While the internet is a great way to learn information about hearing loss, hearing aids and to research local audiologists, it is not suggested that someone purchase hearing aids online. There are many reasons that it is recommended that you should purchase your hearing aids from a licensed audiologist.

Most hearing aids that are sold on the internet are completely unbundled, meaning that the price may be much lower, but you get much less for that price. Unbundled hearing aid prices mean that you are paying a lower price for just the hearing aid itself, but will need to pay more later in order to get the services for the hearing aid.

Hearing aids need to be programmed to each individual’s hearing loss. Two people with the same hearing loss could experience different hearing difficulties, and could have different needs that would need to be addressed with the fitting of their hearing aids. Hearing aids sold online typically offer limited to no services with the purchase of hearing aids, while most audiologists include their servicing of with the purchase of the hearing aids. Paying a fee for every office visit and the necessary servicing could add up over time.

Hearing aids are a medical device. It is important to have a licensed audiologist help you to determine the best hearing aid to fit your needs, lifestyle and hearing loss. Each ear shape is unique; some individuals may even have differences between each ear, such as the size and shape of the ear or ear canal, which could affect the style of type of hearing aid that would be most appropriate. For those individuals that prefer or need custom hearing aid or ear molds, a licensed audiologist would need to take an impression of the ear to get the most accurate and comfortable fit.

Repairs or adjustments on hearing aids purchased online can also become inconvenient and costly. A simple repair or adjustment that could be done in an audiologist’s office can take days or weeks by the time the hearing aid is shipped out and received back. It is much easier to have minor repairs and adjustments done at an audiologist’s office; many can be done at the same visit, and you can be present to describe any concerns or problems that you would like addressed.

When purchasing hearing aids from an audiologist in New York State, you are given at 45 day trial period with the hearing aids. It takes at least a month for a person to adjust and get used to wearing hearing aids and hear so many of the sounds they had been missing. The 45 day trial period allows for a little more time so the audiologist can work closely with you and make any necessary changes or adjustments. If you are completely unhappy with the hearing aids after the 45 day trial period with any necessary adjustments or changes made to the hearing aid by your audiologist, you are able to be refunded except for the initial deposit.