by Anne Capogna, Au.D., CCC-A

Proper care and cleaning of your hearing aids will minimize potential problems for daily use.  Follow these 5 steps to help keep your hearing aids working well.


1. Avoid moisture

Your hearing aids are electronic and electronics and moisture do not mix well.  Remove hearing aids before showering or swimming.  Your hearing aids sit in your ear canals all day and ear canals can be warm and damp.  For this reason it is recommended that you take your hearing aids off at night.  By doing this, it gives them a chance to dry out.  If you are having issues with moisture from perspiration, speak to your audiologist about getting a drying kit. 


2. Check your batteries or charger

If you change your batteries, then you should be changing them about once a week.  This directly depends on your battery size and hours of usage.  If you charge your hearing aids, you should be getting about 15 hours a charge.  This directly depends of how much streaming you are doing with your hearing aids.  If you are changing your batteries more than once a week or your charge is not lasting a full day, schedule an appointment with your audiologist.  We want to be sure your hearing aids are in proper working order.  If they are not working, and you have changed the battery or your charger is indicating that the hearing aids are fully charged, it is probably not a battery issue.  In this care your hearing aid most likely needs to be cleaned or evaluated by your audiologist. 


3. Clean your hearing aids daily

Most often when a patient comes in and says their hearing aids are not working, the culprit is wax.  Hearing aids should be wiped off every day with a dry clean cloth.  Perform a visual inspection of the hearing aid and clean off any wax using the cleaning tool that came with your particular hearing aid. 


4. Change your wax protection

The majority of hearing aids have some form of a wax protection device.  It may be a filter, wax hood or extended tubing.  These areas need to be clear of wax and debris in order for the hearing aids to function properly.  If you have a filter or wax guard they will need to be changed every month. depending on your wax build up.  Do not attempt to clean and re-use filters, because they have to be replaced.  If you are unsure how to replace your filters, speak with your audiologist and they will instruct you on how to properly do so.  If you have extended tubing or a wax hood, gently brush off any visible debris and use the wire loop that came with your hearing aid to gently remove any wax that may have gone into the tubing or under the hood.


5. When in doubt, call your audiologist!

If you are unsure how to clean and care for your hearing aid, call us!  Schedule an appointment and we will be happy to review proper cleaning and care of your particular hearing aid.