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At Ear Works Audiology, we encourage everyone in our community over the age of 55 to have their hearing screened annually as part of an overall wellness program. If your hearing isn’t as healthy as it can be, and we detect a hearing loss, we want to bring a few things to your attention. A hearing loss affects you, your family, friends, coworkers, and just about anyone you come in contact with. When you can’t hear what’s going on around you, or you can’t understand what others are saying, you miss many of the joys that life has to offer. You may also put yourself in danger when you can’t hear warning sounds, such as sirens or alarms.

Consider These Hearing Loss Facts – They Remind Us Why Our Second Sense Is So Important:

  • 28 Million Americans Have A Significant Hearing Loss
  • Hearing Loss Is Universal – It Crosses All Ages And Genders
  • Half Of All Individuals With A Hearing Loss Are Under Age 65
  • 8 Million Americans Between 18 And 44 Years Of Age Are Hard Of Hearing
  • Hearing Loss Has Been Cited As The Third Most Common Health Related Problem In America Today
  • Only 4-6 Million Americans Wear Hearing Aids, When 48 Million Have Some Form Of Hearing Loss

How Can You Tell If You Have Healthy Hearing Vs. A Hearing Loss? Some Of The Most Frequently Mentioned Symptoms Of Hearing Difficulties Are:

  •  People Around You Seem To Mumble
  • A Feeling That You Have Decent Hearing, But People Don’t Speak Properly Or Their Speech Is Not Clear
  • Difficulty Understanding Conversation At Meetings, Lectures Or Places Of Worship
  • The Volume On The Tv Or Radio Is Turned Up Loudly
  • Difficulty Hearing In Noisy Environments Like Restaurants, Family Gatherings, Etc.
  • An Inability To Hear High Pitched Sounds (i.e. Birds, Bells Or Women’s/children’s Voices) Or Whispers
  • Difficulty Understanding Speech At The Movies Or On Tv
  • Tending To Limit Your Social Activities Because It’s Difficult To Hear And Communicate, Which Leads To Frustration
  • Difficulty Hearing On The Telephone
  • Constantly Asking People To Repeat Themselves
  • Difficulty Hearing Someone That Is Behind You Or In Another Room
  • Watching A Speaker’s Lips More Closely To Follow Conversations
  • Turning Your Head To One Side While Listening

Your free hearing test from Ear Works Audiology will measure your healthy hearing threshold and diagnose any difficulties. Most insurances cover the cost of an audiological evaluation. Ear Works participates in most insurance plans. Call us to see if we participate in your plan and get your hearing tested today.

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