Guide to Troubleshooting Common Hearing Aid Issues

Hearing aid not producing any sound, or sound is distorted: Check for correct placement of the battery. Replace if necessary. Check for possible blockages and clean. Replace wax filters and clean microphone openings. Check the device for physical damage. If the device appears damaged, contact your h...

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Hearing Loss Can Be Here Before You Expect It

Sometimes your hearing suffers for relatively simple reasons. A perforated eardrum that’s gone unnoticed or even a buildup of earwax can cause temporary hearing issues. These will either resolve themselves or can be treated relatively easily. In other cases, it’s just a symptom of some underlyin...

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Making the Most Out of Your Hearing Aids

Purchasing hearing aids is the first step on the road to better hearing. It is an important decision as well as a substantial investment. Once you and your audiologist have decided on the right hearing device for you and your devices have been personalized for your needs, it is important to know wha...

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Protecting Your Hearing Device in the Summer

Lady enjoying the summer

Warmer weather is host to many outdoor activities to enjoy such as outdoor summer concerts, trips to the beach, barbecues and sporting events. The heat, air quality and outdoor locations for these events may not be suitable for hearing devices. Here are some tips to help protect your hearing aids an...

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How to Know Which Hearing Aids Are Best For You

Senior Couple on the Beach

There are many different hearing aids available in regards to style and level of technology. Which one is best for you? That answer depends on various factors such as the severity of your hearing loss and what kind of lifestyle you have.  It is important to speak with an Audiologist, a licensed...

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