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Why Ear Works

The doctors at Ear Works Audiology firmly believe in providing the best hearing to each of their patients. Therefore patients are always counseled on what the best option would be for their hearing loss. When it comes to recommending hearing devices, the doctors will always recommend the best for their patient. As with any medical recommendation, the professionals at Ear Works know that patients want to seek the best possible option. However the best option may not always be one that the patient can afford. The doctors at Ear Works collaborate with each of their patients to find the most appropriate devices based on the individual’s hearing loss, physical capabilities, health insurance benefit, and financial budget.

At Ear Works we believe in a comprehensive approach to hearing health care. Therefore our standard of care that is provided with a purchase of hearing devices is a “premium package” which includes lifetime services and lifetime batteries as well as extensive repair and loss and damage warranties. Ear Works has learned through the many years of servicing Long Islanders that this “premium package” seems to be the one that most want – a piece of mind package. Once a patient purchases hearing devices with our premium package, they become a preferred patient and receive ongoing hearing care support – consistent courtesy calls, reminders for warranty renewals, reminders for insurance benefits, updates on the latest advancements in technology as well as a significant discount on all future purchases.

However since not everyone is the same or has the same needs, Ear Works has devised optional service packages to fit the financial needs of all hearing impaired individuals. Ear Works has seen that many insurance companies now offer discount programs to their subscribers that offer a lower priced hearing device with limited or no services. Therefore Ear Works now offers limited service plans to compete with managed care plans, big box stores and online sales.

The staff at Ear Works is very knowledgeable in regards to assisting patients with understanding their specific insurance benefits as well as providing them with guidance in the best way to proceed with their hearing health care needs. So whatever your hearing health care needs may be, the professionals at Ear Works can assist you in obtaining the best solution. Make an appointment today at any of our 10 convenient locations to start your journey to better hearing and better living.

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