Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Troubleshooting

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Possible Problems To Troubleshoot

  • Complete Loss of Sound (Dead Hearing Aid)
  • Weak Amplification
  • Intermittent Amplification
  • Feedback (Whistling)
  • Internal Noise
  • Distortion


1. Control Settings

  • Aid Is On & Set To Microphone
  • Volume Is Set Appropriately

2. Battery

  • Correct Size & Door Closed Completely
  • Battery Placed Correctly (+ Flat Side Up)
  • Check Battery If Dead
  • Corroded Battery
  • Try A New Battery
  • Adequate Contact Of Components With Battery

3. Cerumen

  • Clogged Receiver: ITE, ITC, CIC
    • Remove Wax With Wire Loop Or A Small Brush
    • Be Careful Not To Push Wax Deeper Into Receiver Area, Which Would Require Repair To Remove
  • Clogged Earmold Of BTE
    • Clean With Wire Loop Or Small Brush Or Clean Earmold With Soapy Water & Dry

4. Placement Of Hearing Aid Or Earmold: Proper Placement Reduces Feedback

5. Moisture

  • Moisture In The Hearing Aid Can Cause Damage To The Internal Circuitry. If Damaged, The Aid May Have To Be Sent To The Manufacturer For Repairs

* In the event of any mechanical malfunctions, consult Ear Works Audiology.

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