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this holiday season!

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In honor of the giving season…

Ear Works Audiology wants to give away a pair of hearing devices to someone who can’t afford them.

The holidays are all about gathering, reminiscing and enjoying the company of others we may only see a few times a year — hearing loss should not keep anyone from celebrating in the festivities!

How it Works

Let’s help others in our community this holiday season by giving them the gift of hearing again.

If you know of someone in this community who could benefit from improved hearing, please submit their story using this form by December 24th, 2018. We will select two winners and provide them with free hearing aids and services. Call us at 877-272-5899 if you have any questions about the contest or about your own hearing health.

Submit a Story

*Please note, if we determine the winner has a large hearing aid benefit, we may ask them to “Pay it Forward” and let someone less fortunate use their gift of devices. Should this happen, we will work with the original winner on device pricing. You must be over the age of 18 to enter.