For over 25 years Dr. Jennifer Savickis’ passion was to prove to her patients how important hearing is when trying to improve their quality of life.  There was one patient in particular from the Ear Works Audiology, Port Jefferson Station location that did not need any convincing at all.  As a matter of fact, Dr. Savickis values it even more after meeting Mr. L.

Mr. L had never worn a hearing device but knew he had hearing loss.  After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Mr. L had decided to take the next 8 months he was given and “live it up” and do everything he could to enjoy his time he had left.  He came to Dr. Savickis for hearing devices because he said he couldn’t possibly enjoy his life to the fullest if he couldn’t hear well.

Dr. Savickis fit Mr. L with the latest technology that was most appropriate for his hearing loss.  After his 1 month follow up, Mr. L reported being able to hear the music from a Broadway show in a much more dynamic range from the deep bass sounds of the tuba to the high pitch sounds of the piccolo.  A tribute speech given by his former employer was crisp and clear, didn’t miss a word of such an honorable moment.  To be able to hear his family and friend’s while dining at his favorite restaurants, not bothered by the chatter behind him, but finally having the ability to hear without using so much energy to listen.

After Mr. L’s passing, Dr. Savickis had the opportunity to speak to his closet friends, where she learned of Mr. L’s zest for living up until the very end and how happy he was to be able to enjoy every moment because he could hear it all.

Dr. Savickis thinks of Mr. L often and is reminded that no matter how much time we have left on this earth, we should all enjoy and appreciate each and every day.  Hear better, live better.