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  • Very Professional

    Ear works audiology has allowed me to continue to live a lifestyle I have become accustomed to. My wife and I love Broadway show, movies, watching TV together and most importantly spending time with our friends and family. Especially our thirteen grandchildren.
    No longer do I have to say “Who is the murderer? I didn’t catch it.” No longer do I have to say to my grandkids “Honey, please talk into my good ear”

    The ear works office in Nesconset is probably the only doctor’s office that I really like to go to. Donna, the receptionist, always has a smile and always tries to make an appointment for me when I need it. Nadine, the audiologist, is very professional and most of all she is very friendly and caring. Always willing to help. A while ago I asked her if she would like to give a talk to our retirement group-since it was in Riverhead she recommended Melissa- the audiologist in Wading River. Her talk a short while ago -Wasteriffic, the group, learned a great deal and they all loved her and said it was a great talk.

    PS. Ear Works has been great for me-There is only one drawback- Now I can’t turn a “deaf ear” to my wife at my convenience.

    - EUGENE

  • Extremely Happy

    I avoided this visit for a long time. Didn’t feel like I could trust the process. Dr. Lisa was awesome and took me through the testing with great patience. Never felt rushed and she explained everything and encouraged me to ask questions.

    I am extremely happy with Ear Works and the staff, and love the hearing aids Dr. Lisa recommended for me!

    - ANGIE

  • Highly Recommend

    I would like to share the experience that I had with Ear Works audiology in Bethpage, NY.

    I purchased “invisible in the canal” hearing aids at Ear Works in September of twenty sixteen. After receiving the hearing aids, I noticed the right hearing aid was very uncomfortable. I never wore hearing aids in the past so I just thought that this must have been a break-in period and didn’t really think too much of it. I only wore them for a few hours at a time because they were so uncomfortable. In the interim, I had to go out of state unexpectedly because my mom was very ill. When I came back to New York, I needed hip surgery so I figured when I recuperated from surgery, I would eventually get back to Ear Works but months had passed until I finally did go back.

    Lisa McDevitt was happy to make another ear mold for me and send it back to Starkey for a new hearing aid. After receiving the replacement hearing aid. After receiving replacement hearing aid I still had pain when wearing it. To make a long story short, three ear molds were made and three hearing aids were fitted for me, all of which were too painful to wear.

    At this point in time, Lisa told me that I should see an ENT doctor. I saw an ENT doctor and she told me that I had a bump in my ear(exostosis) and I needed a different type of hearing aid. I explained to her what happened and she told me that I went “to the best place on Long Island for a hearing aid”

    So, I returned to Ear Works and met with Lisa once again. Lisa told me that a lot of time had passed since I purchased the hearing aids and since I signed a contract she did not know if she could fit me for another hearing aid without having to charge me. I was so upset because I couldn’t afford to pay for another hearing aid. She said that she would have to speak with her boss. Lisa called me back after just a few days and told me that her boss was willing to provide me with another hearing aid to replace the previous hearing aid at no additional charge. I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get my new hearing aids.

    I am happy to say that I now have my new hearing aids, thanks to Lisa and her boss at Ear Works! I’d like to add that in all the times that I met with Lisa, she was always very professional. Knowledgeable and helpful as was Dayna. Dayna spoke with me several times on the phone and told me that Lisa was doing all that she could to help me. It comforted me speaking with Dayna and knowing how caring and attentive they both were to my needs. I’ll never go anywhere else but Ear Works for hearing aids. They’re the best! I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering hearing aids

    - SANDY

  • Thankful & Grateful

    A long-standing patient would like to express how hearing aids changed her life. Mona has been a patient at Ear Works Audiology since 2011. This is her story. 

    “Ear Works Audiology and Dr. Meredith Moore have dramatically improved the quality of my life. The best is that I can hear my grandson clearly. This means everything to me.

    The initial process of learning to use my hearing aids was difficult. The patience, kindness and encouragement from Meredith were just wonderful. With her help, I actually forget that the hearing aids are in my ears. The aids have become a part of me.

    In all honesty, I don’t care who sees them. The aids are a symbol of the great quality of life that they bring.

    I’m proud of my determination and willingness to adjust to wearing them.

    The two words that come to mind are thankful and grateful. But words are not enough to express my appreciation to Meredith. Her skills, knowledge, compassion and patience will never be forgotten.”

    - Mona L.

  • Relaxing Experience

    Mr. Miller has been a patient of ours since 2014. He would like to share the ease of his experience with you.

    “My introduction to Ear Works Audiology was a relaxing experience. After I was introduced to Dr. Meredith Moore, she walked me through the procedure, testing, and trying on the hearing aids and answering any questions I may have had. Dr. Meredith and staff explained how to purchase the aids, how the insurance would work and how [supplemental insurance] would help with the purchase. I would recommend Ear Works to my friends and anyone else who asks about them.”

    - Henry M.