At Ear Works Audiology, we go beyond the basics. Our expert team of audiologists will perform the most sophisticated hearing tests available and determine whether you have a hearing loss. If a loss is present, we’ll work with you and find the best solution to correct it. We’re dedicated to helping residents of Long Island, New York achieve healthy hearing using the latest technology and best solution for their needs.

FM Systems

  • A frequency-modulated (FM) system is a listening system in which the speaker wears a microphone and the listener wears a radio receiver that is attached to the hearing aid(s). This system minimizes the effects of background noise by decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio and permitting a clearer reception of the speaker’s voice. It’s ideal for children in a classroom setting and active adults who attend meetings, work in a courtroom, etc.

Middle Ear Analysis

  • An acoustic immittance measure assists in the detection of fluid in the middle ear, perforation of the eardrum, or blockage of wax in the ear canal. It also adds information about middle ear function and hearing loss.


  • Uses air pressure in the ear canal to make the eardrum move back and forth. This test measures the mobility of the eardrum and helps to identify a perforated eardrum or openness of a ventilation tube.

Acoustic Reflex Measurements

  • Records the contraction of a tiny muscle in our ears from a loud sound. The loudness level at which this reflex occurs, and/or the absence of the reflex, gives diagnostic information that aids in identifying the location of the problem along the auditory pathway.