Troubleshooting Hearing Aids

Possible Problems to Troubleshoot

  • Complete loss of sound (dead hearing aid)
  • Weak amplification
  • Intermittent amplification
  • Feedback (whistling)
  • Internal Noise
  • Distortion


  1. Control Settings
    • Aid is on and set to microphone
    • Volume is set appropriately
  2. Battery
    • Correct size and door closed completely
    • Battery placed correctly (+ flat side up)
    • Check battery if dead
    • Corroded battery
    • Try a new battery
    • Adequate contact of components with battery
  3. Cerumen
    • Clogged receiver: ITE, ITC, CIC
      • Remove wax with wire loop or a small brush
      • Be careful not to push wax deeper into receiver area, which would require repair to remove
    • Clogged earmold of BTE
      • Clean with wire loop or small brush or clean earmold with soapy water and dry
  4. Placement of hearing aid or earmold: proper placement reduces feedback
  5. Moisture 
    • Moisture in the hearing aid can cause damage to the internal circuitry. If damaged, the aid may have to be sent to the manufacturer for repairs

* In the event of any mechanical malfunctions, consult Ear Works Audiology.