A long standing patient would like to express how hearing aids changed her life. Mona has been a patient at Ear Works Audiology since 2011. This is her story.

Ear Works Audiology and Dr. Meredith Moore have dramatically improved the quality of my life. The best is that I can hear my grandson clearly. This means everything to me.
The initial process of learning to use my hearing aids was difficult. The patience, kindness and encouragement from Meredith were just wonderful. With her help, I actually forget that the hearing aids are in my ears. The aids have become a part of me.
In all honesty, I don't care who sees them. The aids are a symbol of the great quality of life that they bring.
I'm proud of my determination and willingness to adjust to wearing them.
The two words that come to mind are thankful and grateful. But words are not enough to express my appreciation to Meredith. Her skills, knowledge, compassion and patience will never be forgotten. - Mona

Mr. Miller has been a patient of ours since 2014. He would like to share the ease of his experience with you.

My introduction to Ear Works Audiology was a relaxing experience. After I was introduced to Dr. Meredith Moore, she walked me through the procedure, testing, and trying on the hearing aids and answering any questions I may have had. Dr. Meredith and staff explained how to purchase the aids, how the insurance would work and how [supplemental insurance] would help with the purchase. I would recommend Ear Works to my friends and anyone else who asks about them.
One of Ear Works Audiology's newest patients, Joanne, has been using her new devices since January and would like to share her experiences.

Kelly was very friendly and calmed me down and reassured me that she could help with my hearing loss. She was very professional and explained herself thoroughly. All my questions were answered to my satisfaction. If I have any questions of need adjustments she is available. I would highly recommend her services.
Meet one of our newest patients Rita. She would like to share how happy she is with her new hearing aids with you!
Recently purchased hearing aids from Ear Works at their Lake Success office & wanted to advise anyone who is having a problem with their hearing to consider having it checked by one of their audiologists.
I was recommended to Ear Works by my doctor because I have experienced hearing loss for over a year & I am happy to say that I am so glad that I finally took the step. From the day I first put them in I was amazed that not only could I hear so much better but once they were in place in my ear, I totally forgot they were even there.
Katherine Andreadis is the audiologist who handled my ear test & ordered my hearing aids. She has been informative, helpful & patient answering all of my questions and concerns.
I highly recommend Ear Works!
One of our longstanding and most loyal patients and his wife would like to share their experience with you:

Being a client at Ear Works Audiology has been a satisfying experience for both myself and my wife. Anytime I have a need to come in to see Lindsay, somehow they fit me in. Lindsay is always professional, engaging, and pleasantly helpful. She always manages to fix the problem by using her well-honed skills and sends me off happier than when I arrived! - Milton S.